The Potters House Church, Victoria Park was founded in 2008, when Pastor Ross Barcham and his wife Karen were sent out from The Potter’s House Church in Beehcboro, WA.

They began faithfully preaching the Gospel and reaching lost souls with their compassion and desire to serve. The Holy Spirit moved, and many people received Jesus Christ as their Savior.


The Potters House Church is a Bible-based, Spirit filled, nondenominational family of believers. We count it a privilege to welcome you to our church and minister to your spiritual needs. Ushers are available before, during and after each service to answer your questions and help guide you.

A quality nursery and children’s ministry are available each service for infants and children up to twelve years old. Regular services begin with praise and worship that will ready your heart for the preaching of God’s Word. After prayer requests and opening the service in prayer, we take an offering to honour the Lord. Announcements are followed by the biblical preaching of God’s Word and an altar call.

We are excited to welcome you to The Potters House Church and look forward to meeting you in person.